How to clean brickwork off mould? It is the question that all owners or managers of buildings and houses containing external brickwork must face some day. Brick cleaning is hard enough. Add mould to the mix and the task becomes even harder. If you are looking for a simple way to clean your mould-ridden brickwork, refer to the infographic below.

For brickwork laden with mould, a method that involves washing with a bleaching or brick cleaning solution is a better choice than going with pressure washing straightaway. Removing mould from walls requires more than just brute force. That is why dislodging or killing the mould with a bleach solution and scraping it off is recommended. Not only does it cost lower but also doesn’t cause any damage to your brickwork, which is not always a given with something like pressure washing or sandblasting.

The method prescribed below can get rid of most mould issues from your brickwork. However, in case it fails to get you the desired results, feel free to call us. Basildon Stone is a leading provider of brick cleaning services in London. We’ve been in the business for close to two decades and have extensive experience in cleaning several of London’s landmark brick buildings. Get in touch with us today for a ‘free’ quote to remove the mould from your brickwork and make your building or house resplendent again. Our other services include stone cleaning, graffiti removal, paint removal and surface protection.

How to Remove Mould from Brickwork