London Graffiti Removal Service


Basildon Stone provides a professional and cost effective graffiti removal service.

Unfortunately, we have found many people believe painting over graffiti on walls is the cheapest, cost effective way to remove graffiti.

On the contrary, it can end up becoming more expensive in the longer term, as it will show through over time.

Merely painting over graffiti is not enough for an effective removal.

Which is where our expert graffiti removal service comes in, with our more cost effective and long term solutions. 

We are able to clean up graffiti on all coatings whether that is graffiti on wood or other exterior materials.

Due to our expertise and training, our teams fully understand how to get graffiti off brick and how to clean graffiti off concrete.

Additionally, our abilities and hard work allow us to remove graffiti vandalism with ease and in the most cost effective way.

The surfaces we offer our graffiti cleaning on include; Stone, Brick, Concrete, Metal, Plastic, Wood & Glass



If you have a graffiti issue to deal with, it’s always better to remove it than to simply try and cover it up. When you discover that someone has left graffiti on your building, you naturally want to get rid of it as soon as you can. But before you hastily paint over it, you should consider that painting is often only a temporary solution.

If you want to permanently get rid of it, you should choose to remove it for good, instead of just trying to hide it. As paint wears away, it can start to reveal what’s underneath, requiring more painting. We can remove graffiti without damaging the surface it is on, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Wet Abrasive Cleaning


Some people might try to remove graffiti themselves, especially as you might see a range of possible products to use. However, there are several reasons you should use a professional graffiti removal service instead of attempting a DIY job.

If you try to remove graffiti yourself, you might not know what you’re getting in any of the products you use. When you choose a professional service like Basildon Stone, whether for stone cleaning or brick cleaning or graffiti removal, you know that you will get experts using products that have been tried and tested.

Poultice paint removal service in London


Our expertise and experience mean we know how to remove graffiti without damaging the environment.

Each treatment used is environmentally friendly using biodegradable solutions to effectively remove any graffiti coatings without damage to the environment.

All the products that we use have to be extensively tested which ensures that no damage will be caused to the surface being cleaned.

“You can have the graffiti swiftly removed at an affordable price, instead of wasting time and money trying to get rid of it yourself.”


Upon the removal of graffiti or on newly cleaned buildings we are able to protect the ground level masonry by applying an anti-graffiti coating.

One of our solutions can be applied on all outdoor masonry surfaces where a sacrificial invisible protection is required (lasts up to 10 years).

It is permeable and fully reversible water based crystalline micro wax coating, suitable for all masonry and most porous surfaces.

It helps prevent penetration of atmospheric pollutants into the substrate and ease subsequent cleaning.


When you use Basildon Stone’s graffiti removal service, you get assistance from our expert team, made up of professional cleaners with years of experience. They all have NVQ accreditation and are CSCS registered, and they’re prepared to take care of buildings both old and new.

We strive to provide the best care for any surface, as well as excellent customer service from our polite and friendly team.

Graffiti Removal, by Hodge Clemco wet abrasive system


We know that the environment is important to many people, especially when it comes to using cleaning solutions outside. To reassure you, our products are environmentally friendly so that we can protect the environment and the surface being cleaned.

This is another reason to use a professional service with expertise.

Wet Abrasive Cleaning Services in London

Graffiti removal Essex

Basildon Stone offer a top quality graffiti removal service to those who live in and around Essex and London. We understand how graffiti can have a negative effect on business so we offer a top graffiti removal service in Essex for those of you who wish to remove graffiti from brick, plastic or other services. We are exceptionally through with our work, as we make it our main ethos to get the surface looking as close to perfect as we possibly can make it.


Cost of Graffiti removal UK

The cost of graffiti removal UK Essex varies on multiple different factors. These factors can include the size of the graffiti, the surface that the graffiti is on, the paint used, the location of the graffiti and how long the graffiti takes to remove. The cost of graffiti removal UK Essex also varies down to the company used to remove the graffiti. Graffiti removal services Essex can use different equipment which makes the removal job easier or harder. Items like graffiti removal spray and  The team at Basildon Stone only use the best graffiti removal equipment, which we use to give you the best graffiti removal service Essex has to offer.


Paint Removal London

Our Graffiti removal London Service aims to tackle graffiti in London at the core. We believe that graffiti attracts more graffiti, so It is important to make sure that whenever there a small amount of graffiti appears, Our graffiti removal London service is there to tackle the problem before it attracts more graffiti.


Graffiti Removal London

Finding a graffiti removal London service can be a difficult task, as most companies often leave “shadows” behind. Shadows are basically an outline that appears if you haven’t thoroughly removed the paint, which can leave walls looking tired and damaged. At Basildon Stone, our graffiti removal London service goes above and beyond when removing paint. Our graffiti removal service utilizes various of the latest equipment, which leaves your walls as close to brand new as possible.

Our Graffiti removal London service aims to clean and protect the wall from all forms of paint. Whether it’s solvent based paint water-based paint, our London graffiti removal service targets all kinds.


Graffiti Removal Near Me

We offer our Graffiti removal London service to all areas of London. These areas include; Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth, Camden, Greenwich, Hackney, Westminster, Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Bromley, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Brent, Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Newham, Redbridge, Richmond upon Thames, Sutton, Waltham Forest.


Choosing to protect surfaces against graffiti can be beneficial in the long-run.

Even if you haven’t already been hit by graffiti, there’s a chance it could happen at some point in the future.

Protecting a building from graffiti not only prevents graffitiing in the future, but it also makes it easier to clean the surface and protects it in other ways too.

“We know which products are most effective without being damaging to the environment and we have the right equipment to protect both the surroundings and people.”


Contact our team for a free quote if you have any graffiti that needs to be removed, or you want to protect a surface against graffiti.

You can chat to someone on the phone or send a quick message if it’s more convenient for you.