The appearance of your building will be affected over time from pollutants caused by traffic, extreme weather conditions, general dirt and grime as well as natural growths like moss and algae.

This will obviously impair its appearance, causing the building to lose its original charm and beauty.

We at Basildon Stone are here to help you get your stone, brickwork or facade cleaner than ever. 

Basildon Stone can help rejuvenate your building bringing it back to its original colours, as well as improving the appearance it gives your building further protection against decay.

Our teams take pride in excellent results. 

As modern technology progresses cleaning methods have also advanced allowing our stone cleaning services to be far more environmentally friendly and safety conscious.


Call now for a free quote on our stone cleaning service, we provide professional commercial stone cleaning London and the surrounding counties.


With a variety of stone and brick cleaning methods at our disposal, we will employ a technique that is ideally suited to the type of masonry being cleaned. 

We take the utmost care in the use of all our cleaning methods, removing all grime and achieving excellent results

Take a look through our gallery or watch the videos below to get sense of our work.

Masonry Cleaning Specialists

We provide you with tips on stone maintenance and can even apply an anti-graffiti coating to prevent from any possible vandalism. Following graffiti removal company in London or on newly cleaned buildings we are able to protect the ground level masonry by applying an anti-graffiti coating. One of our solutions can be applied on all outdoor masonry surfaces where a sacrificial invisible protection is required (lasts up to 10 years). It is permeable and fully reversible water based crystalline micro wax coating, suitable for all masonry and most porous surfaces. It helps prevent penetration of atmospheric pollutants into the substrate and ease subsequent cleaning.