It is a fact that with time even the best of architectures fall apart and become shady. The glowing designs and the beautiful external appearance becomes pale and faded. It is a result of the adverse climatic conditions and the continuous exposure of pollution that the building architecture loses its glow.

And no one can prevent this from happening as because controlling the weather conditions or the pollution is not on our hands. The least we can do to maintain the architectural heritage of our properties is by rooting for proper maintenance and care of the structures.

The natural stone cravings used on the buildings must be cleaned regularly to sustain the luminosity of it. As it is of sparkling nature, the natural stones are not easy to maintain or clean but with the knowledge and tips about the same, you can still have a better stone cleaning done as compared to the other structural kinds.

Let’s get to know these stone cleaning guideline in details so that we can save them from erosion or from losing the charm of the heritage properties

  • Know your stone first

Every natural stone on your house is not of the same equality or material. They have different versions and versatilities and so, not all cleaning methods suit all of them. That’s why, before proceeding for the cleaning process, you have to identify the type of stone on your house. They can be calcareous and siliceous which further differentiates into limestone, marble, granite, slate, sandstone, soapstone and other such formulations.

The calcareous stones are highly reactive to the acidic substances and therefore such types of cleanser must be avoided for the same. The siliceous stones are a bit less reactive towards acid and thus can be used for the cleaning purposes. This is the reason why it is recommended that you know your stone quality well before opting for its cleanliness.

  • Choose the sealants wisely

When you choose the right kind of sealants, half the purpose of cleansing is already achieved. The natural stones often consist of such material which absorbs the liquids and people do the mistake of choosing such sealants which are high in liquids. When you use these sealants, it will definitely clean the stone surface but most of the times are unable to remove the etching of the stone or shows a minimum effect in dealing with discolouration issues also. That’s why you should choose such sealants which do more good than harm.

  • Use damp sponges or clothes for the cleaning purpose

Always opt for softer clothing or damp sponges for cleaning the natural stone surfaces as they make a suitable cleaning agent by not harming the surface extremely. You must also use pH-neutral cleaning agents on the sponges to avoid causing any harm to the natural stone surface.

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or rough products for the cleaning purpose

Never ever use a rough clothing or abrasive cleaners for cleaning the natural stones as they may prove very harmful for the stone surface. In severe cases, they might even rip off the surfaces and damage the natural stones unconditionally. Use brushes which have soft bristles are recommended the best for cleaning the stone surfaces.

  • Regular and consistent cleaning must be brought into effect

Most people generally neglect the idea of cleaning the natural stones regularly, irrespective of whether it is placed in the interiors of their house or exteriors. It is understandable that taking out time of the busy schedules every day and cleaning the stones might not be possible for all but it would be great if you can hire someone or attend the housemaid for the work.

As because the regular cleansing of the natural stone keeps the shine and glow retained for a longer period and saves it from further eradication. When you don’t clean the surfaces of the stones regularly the stains become harder and the damage and discolouration show a harsher effect on the stones.

  • Use organic substance for stain cleaning rather than opting for chemical means

You should use the natural cleansing agents more often rather than using the chemical or acidic means for the purpose. As these chemical agents are more likely to cause harm to the stones, avoiding them is the best option.

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